Life Saver: Someone’s Invented A Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

The idea came to him after his mother's double mastectomy.

Pink bra

Julian Rios Cantu, an engineering student from Mexico, has designed a bra that detects breast cancer before it becomes life-threatening.

The bra is fitted with approximately 200 biosensors which monitor any changes in temperature, weight and shape of the breasts, all of which are indicators of tumours growing within the breast tissue.

The 18-year-old’s mother had a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was her illness that gave him the idea for the bra. He then took on the help of three friends to complete the design.

It doesn’t need to be worn 24/7 in order to pick up on changes. “It doesn’t have to be worn more than one hour a week,” he explained to El Universal.

The bra will send data to an app on the wearer’s phone, giving women the opportunity to easily track changes within their body.

Julian won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in Germany for his creation, and took home a cheque for $20,000.

It’s not known whether or not Julian will invest this money into the development of more sensor bras, but with any luck, larger companies will invest funds in his creation. After all, it could save lives.

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