Put On Weight? These 5 Fashion Bits Will Help You Feel Slim & Svelte

You've gained a few pounds and you're not feeling great in any of your clothes. These forgiving fashion finds will help you feel fierce again...

An extra pound few pounds have crept on, your jeans are fitting a lot more snuggly than they used to, and you feel frumpy in the body con dress that once made you feel so fabulous. But – and here’s the important bit – you’ll be damned if you’re gonna sit around in stretchy sweat pants and baggy tees. Nuh-uh, you still want to look and feel fabulous, so we’ve found the flattering fashion bits that will help you feel awesome; weight gain or no weight gain.

Here’s what to shop…

An oversized cape

Blanket cape

Blanket cape, €27, Boohoo

A large handbag (It makes your bod look smaller, FYI)

River Island Tote

Tote, €65, River Island

A loose fitting dress

Asos Tunic Dress

Tunic dress, €29.80, Asos


Spanx Core Suit

Spanx core suit, €87, Classic Shapewear

High waisted jeans, worn under a loose fitting top

Missguided High Waist Jeans

Vintage blue high waist jeans, €40.64, Missguided