SOB! The Days Of Wearing Your Runners With Everything Are Totally Over

But thankfully the trainer trend's replacement is totally lust-worthy.ย 

Street style white runners

I’m putting it out there: runners are the ultimate shoe and you’ll rarely see me without mine. Once a confirmed high-heeled gal, I swapped my usual court shoe for a comfy pair of white runners and never looked back.

But I might soon have to retire my runners if the fashion predictions of Vogueย fashion journalist Sarah Mower are correct.

According to Sarah, runners are so out, and heels are totally coming back in. Gleaning the evidence from London Fashion week and Balenciaga’s pre-fall collection, she says โ€œthis is my prediction: Come the womenswear shows next month, avant-garde heels are going to be out in force.โ€

Does this mean I’ll be hanging up my runners and opting for a stiletto style ankle boot?

Probably not, but for those of you who are ready to throw out your trainers, there’s a lot of high heel trends to look forward to. You’ll be spoilt for choice with above-the-ankle silhouettes, 80s shapes and wooden shoes all coming back into fashion in the coming months.


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