Warning: Gross Alert – Ingrown Hair Removal Videos. Eughhhhhhh

Settle back for what can only be the most stomach churning, toe curling fun you’ll have all day


If Dr Pimple Popper’s hypnotic blackhead videos made your mouth water and you forced back the gags as she squeezed out the contents of a particularly stubborn comedone, the vom will surely rise when you watch the ingrown hair equivalent.

Smooth Aberration is the vimeo account (YouTube couldn’t handle him) of a 27 year old male from Australia. The mystery man enjoys removing hairs that have curled and re-entered the skin. “My friends and family would be shocked, confused and disgusted, so I keep my identity a secret”, he admitted to Reddit’s AMA. His fans and followers heavily contest that claim.

We’re struggling to keep our lunch down following the Aussie’s extremely explicit tweezing escapades. Each video, there’s 845 in total, are helpfully numbered (we’re partial to Ingrown Hair 685 Strand), and include a very succinct description of the procedure. Cover your face and peep out through your fingers at Sebum Sack Back, G is for Gore and Mummified. #thatsnasty

Smooth’s weapon of choice? The Revlon Mini Tweezer Set To Go because, “they have a surprisingly good balance of grip, size, and strength. Another advantage of the mini tweezers is that they are easy to hold while I record the video with my other hand.” In that other hand is a USB microscope (in others words a magnifying glass) ensuring the trichotillomaniac viewer gets the best view in the house.

The ingrown hair enthusiast insists this is not an addiction, although he confesses to deliberately removing hair by shaving to encourage re-growth and thus more juicy (his word) extractions. Bet that rogue bikini line hair doesn’t look so tempting now…

See Smooth’s work for yourself:

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