We Know How to Find Your Perfect Bra Size – At Home

We spoke to a fitting specialist to find out. You and the girls can say thank you later.


Did you know around 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size? That’s a whole lot of uncomfortable boobies! And if your straps dig in, you feel unsupported, or your underwire is stabbing you where it hurts, then you’re probably one of ’em. We spoke to Theresa Burke, a bra fitting specialist at Debenhams to find out how you can measure yourself at home and find the perfect fit. See ya later quadra boobs!

What you’ll need:

  • A tape measure.
  • Full length mirror.
  • About five minutes to spare.

Here’s how:

1. Stand in front of the mirror and start by measuring the circumference underneath your bust to get your band measurement. “Keep the tape tight. It should sit about one finger width from the skin,” recommends Theresa.

2. Here comes the maths bit (argh). You need to add five inches to your measurement. “So if you measure 31 inches, your measurement will become a 36. If you measure an even number just round up; a 32 becomes a 38,” she explains.

3. “Then what I do is bring the tape around to the fullest part of the bust,” says Theresa. “And I use this measurement to work out the cup size.”

4. Listen up, empty vessels: “For every extra inch across the bust you go up a cup. So if your band width is a 36, and your bust measures a 37 then that would be a B cup. If you got a band width of 36 and a cup measurement of 38, that would equal a 36C.”

TIP: Confused? This might help: 1 inch between band and cup means you’re a B, 2 inches puts you at a C, and 3 will mean you’ll be buying a D cup.
But measuring is only one part of finding the perfect bra, says Theresa. “When you measure at home it’s probably not going to be the right size. Each bra is a different fit, each style is different, so your measurement is only a guideline,” she cautions.

Now that you know your size, what should you look for in a new bra?

  • Remember that your bra stretches with wash and wear and has a life span of about six months. Opt for a fit that is snug but comfortable.
  • Be sure the wire sits directly under your bust to ensure the best support.
  • Give the straps a pull. They should only have about an inch of stretch from your shoulders once adjusted properly, while the band of the bra should have about an inch and a half of give.
  • Check that the center of the bra sits tight against your chest bone.
  • Make sure your bust comfortably fits the cup. No bulging underneath the arms or spilling out.
  • Finally, when trying on, remember that if you go down in the back you go up in the cup and vice versa. “So if you change the back, you need to change the cup size also,” reminds Theresa.

Now, there’s no need to make a tit of yourself the next time you need some new lingerie, eh?