Whew! 7 Surefire Ways You Can Get A Better Orgasm Tonight

(Even if you're flying solo)

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Whether your eternal hunt for the orgasm is like some kind of sexual Holy Grail, or whether you could climax just from looking at a picture of Ryan Gosling for too long, there’s always room for improvement.

Below are some of our tried-and-tested tips for getting the best orgasm of your life (with or without help) – and we promise there’s no handstands or kinky S&M moves involved.

If you’re getting down to it with someone else…

1. Don’t be afraid to mix up the tempo
Guys are forever shifting a little to the left or right to get things juuust right for themselves, so why shouldn’t you do the same? Even a subtle change in position or pressure can totally amp things up before you climax.

2. Try two things at the same time
We’re not suggesting you try some kind of complicated 69 move (at least not every time), but our bodies respond well to varied kinds of stimulation, so build on that. When he’s going down on you get him to mix things up by using his fingers too, or stimulate yourself whenever you’re on top.


3. Work that pelvic floor
Yes, we forget to do our Kegels too, but they’re oh-so important for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and ensuring more intense orgasms. Contract and relax down there for a count of 20 during foreplay, so that by the time he slides inside you your muscles are primed for the best climax of your life.

4. Focus on your breathing
As with any form of exercise, breathing correctly is key for ensuring your desired result – in this case, your Best Orgasm Ever. Often we forget to breathe when we’re getting close to orgasm, but keeping up a steady inhale and exhale motion can help to increase intensity.


And if you’re going it alone tonight…

1. Find the perfect time
Masturbating once you’re in bed and about to fall asleep might not be the best option – though an orgasm is the best sleeping aid. If you find you’re simply too tired late at night, try it early in the morning, or when you arrive home from that gym class full of exercise-induced endorphins.


2. Indulge in your fantasies… and don’t be ashamed
Not everyone gets off on porn, and you may find that your own thoughts and visualisations are what work best for you. Your private fantasies are just that – private – so don’t feel bad if you’re not thinking about your SO when you’re giving yourself some love.

3. Don’t just rely on your hands
There are toys and vibrators for just about every form of masturbation, foreplay and sex these days, so give one a go. Get started with something simple like a mini-massager (the Tenga range gets our vote), or amp things up with some lube.