Zoella Fans Are Not Impressed With Her New Book, Which Offers Tips On How To Make A Sandwich

"Did I buy a book that was meant for children?"

You might remember that when Zoe Sugg (AKA YouTube’s Zoella) released her novel Girl Online in 2014, she was caught up in a ghostwriting scandal.

You also might remember the absolute furore her £50 advent calendar, which contained such luxury items as confetti, a cookie cutter, and stickers, caused last year.

It seems she’s having a bad run of it because her first non-fiction book, a party-planning guide called Cordially Invited, isn’t faring much better.

The book is described as “a seasonal guide to hosting any occasion and making a memory out of every day”, and contains instructions on things to do in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

However, fans are thoroughly unimpressed with some of those suggestions, which include such revelatory activities as going for a walk, making a sandwich (“Lay your bread out on your work surface and butter each slice”), and being a polite guest (“Always say thank you after the event”).

Some customers are saying that lots of the content can be found on Pinterest/in your mind if you have a bit of common sense – and the Amazon reviews are scathing.

This book contains so many filler pages that state not only the damn OBVIOUS but leave me thinking (as a 21 year old) did I buy a book that was meant for children? If you want to read about how to go on a ‘bluebell walk’, make a paper chain, how to make mashed potato or you need to be told that when throwing a party you should consider inviting guests… then buy it!

“The hints and tips are beyond idiotic – saying to wear a coat when you go for a walk, reminding you to eat chocolate at Easter, making sure guests have fresh sheets,” reads one review. “Such a shame that she’s been given an opportunity to publish a book as so many would love to do but it’s incredibly lazy and basic.”

This reads like an activity book for spoilt seven year old girls… I also don’t know many grown women who would waste their hard earned cash on this sort of childish nonsense either. Building dens? Hosting a cereal party? A recipe for how to make a sandwich? Who the hell is this book for?

Yiiiiikes. The book is currently half price on Amazon if you want to see for yourself – you just click on the link, hit ‘buy’, input your card details, tell them your address, then when the package arrives, open it. Hey, we’ve written a Zoella book!


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