WIN! Every Single Thing From Aldi’s Deadly New Running Range

Get your mitts on everything from Aldi's new super-bright summer running collection before it hits stores on 16th April.

We’re not ashamed to admit, we’ve spent many a Sunday or Thursday morning in line at Aldi, awaiting the release of the latest bargaintastic collection of goodies. Standalone barbecue? We’ve got one of those out back. DVD player? Check. Wetsuit? Hanging in the wardrobe (er, maybe with tags on…)

So to say we’re enthused about this latest release – ladies’ (and men’s, although we care less about them, obvs) running gear, on Thursday 16th April – would be a biiiiit of an understatement. What can we say? We just love stocking up on sports gear, even if it barely gets used.

There’s something about fresh new fitness duds that make going to the gym that teeny tiny bit more enticing, isn’t there? And we <3 these bright-brights, plus – serious bonus – there are more than just pink options! Sure, there’s some juicy-looking fuchsia and some gorgeous raspberry going on, but we’ve also got oranges, turquoise and black bits ‘n’ pieces, and you can win the lot!

You’ll get:

  • A running jacket (€17.99)
  • Running trousers (€14.99)
  • A lightweight gilet (€14.99)
  • An ultra-bright T-shirt (€8.99)
  • Running shorts (€8.99)
  • Running T-shirt (€9.99)
  • A seamless tank (€8.99)
  • Ladies’ skapri (€14.99)
  • Short-sleeved compression tee (€14.99)
  • A pair of premium running shoes (€25.99)
  • Trainer socks (€4.99)
  • COOLMAX gel insoles (€2.99)
  • Ergonomic running socks (€2.99)
  • Mid compression running socks (€4.99)

Phew! It’s a whopper prize, and one that’s bound to get you up and, er, running in no time. Want it? Here’s how:

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Now, drop us your deets so we can contact you to get your size and address info if you’re a lucky winner! And that’s it: good luck!

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