OMG, Gas! Kylie Jenner’s Been Shipping Out Her New Products With One Major Flaw


Kylie Jenner may have had numerous sellout successes with her beauty empire Kylie Cosmetics, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t copped a whole lot of flack from fans for dishing up poor quality products.

Bad reviews and Twitter spats have abounded, and Kylie’s latest cosmetic f*ck isn’t one Twitter’s going to let her forget in a hurry.

Kylie fans will know that the reality star released her hotly anticipated Kylighters a few weeks ago. As expected, the three-shade powder highlighters sold out in just one day, but now that they’ve been shipped off to their buyers, a major flaw has been revealed.

Um, they’re showing up empty. *face palm*

Not surprisingly, Twitter is pissed.

Hmm. After releasing damaged lip kits and receiving an F from the Better Business Bureau, we reckon it’s time Kylie got a little bit more hands on in the production process.


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