This Sell-Out €6.50 Highlighter Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

Luckily for you, it's back in stock. Yay!

Gigi Hadid

It’s the one step in our make-up routine that we rarely miss and if we’re heading out on the town for the night, rocking up somewhere fancy for dinner or meeting our bestos for a quick cocktail, you can bet that we’ll be doing it with a few not-so subtle swipes of highlighter adorning our cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow.

Sure we already have a stack of highlighters in our make-up kit, but now there’s a new one on our radar and it’s already a sell-out success.

Meet Barry M’s Illuminating Strobe Cream, €6.49.  It sold out on Asos and has since amassed loadsa rave reviews from bloggers.

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream

Why does the blogosphere love it so?

Well, the stocky tube of highlight provides a soft, dewy glow in one easy swipe. The convenient-domed shape makes it super handy to apply, while it’s creamy texture means it’s easy to blend.

There are two shades to choose from too; frosty pink or iced bronze, which you can use together for a cheeky contour.

One to add to our ever-growing highlighting kit? We think so.


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