Stunning! This Tattoo Artist Uses Real Flowers To Create The Most Beautiful And Realistic Tattoos

Total ink inspo.

Rita Tattoo

The decision to get a tattoo is not one to be taken lightly and deciding on a tattooist that’s up to the job of permanently marking your skin with a design you’re going to love for life is perhaps an even more tricky one.

But if true-to-life, full colour floral designs are your thing, then Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita should definitely been on your radar.

You may have stumbled upon her increasingly popular Instagram account (she’s currently got 320,000 followers and counting…) where she shares her technique for creating the most realistic etchings.

The process is super smart. Rita uses a real flower to get the most life-like design and applies ink directly to it, before pressing it on to the skin to create a stencil. Then she simply tattoos over it to create a tatt that’s true to nature.

And the results are simply stunning. Look:

#liveleaftattoo process with water jasmine from Bangkok 🔮🌿 #tattoovideo #botanical #botanicaltattoo #flowertattoo #tattrx #ritkit #ritkittattoo

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one of the most interesting and lovely projects during my stay in Milan is strelitzia, or “bird of paradise”☀️I have never seen this flower in Ukraine and I love it soo much. It’s a wonderful plant. As usual – no sketches and preparations, only #liveleaftattoo and a little freehand with a steam, cause it’s too big 🌾стрелиция или “райская птица”, или оранжево-синее существо, которое ну никак не похоже на цветок) я так была рада, когда мне написали насчёт этой работы 🌾#liveleaftattoo #botanicaltattoo #strelitzia #strelitziatattoo #flowertattoo #dsfloral #tattrx #tattooersubmission #ritkit #ritkittattoo

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We don’t know about you but we really, really want one!


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