Thoughts? One Of Kylie Jenner’s Latest Outfits Is Seriously Dividing Opinion

It's an interesting look for the reality star.

We commend celebrities for thinking outside of the box when it comes to style, but we’re not so sure about the fashion-forward look Kylie Jenner recently sported on her Instagram.

The KUTWK star is dressed in a highlighter green-colourd ensemble that we can only describe as being tennis-ball inspired.

Comments range from “what are you wearing?” and “ridiculous outfit” to “best you’ve ever looked” and “this is lit”, but Kylie clearly doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks because she shared not one, but three snaps of her #OOTD on Instagram…

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Kylight ✔️

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Of course, this isn’t the first daring look the reality star has rocked as of late. She seems to be following in big sister Kim’s footsteps by pushing the style boundaries.

Here are a few of our favourite recent KJ looks. Got one you love?

🖤 last night

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Thanks NYC for all the support 😘 Truly Blessed!

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Spend it all at the pop up !!$$$💰

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@alexanderwangny 🖤

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