Wait, What? If You Order From ASOS Right Now You Might Receive This Weird AF Free Gift

It's a nice surprise all the same.

We all love a spot of online shopping and it’s usually a joy to find free gifts in your parcel when it arrives. While vouchers or discount codes would be ideal, customers of ASOS are receiving something rather odd – though admittedly super fresh.

Shoppers have been opening their packages to find packets of sugar-free mint Polos alongside their order, and while most people are confused by the random gift, others are delighted. One customer even declared her love for the brand saying, “Woo free Polos with my ASOS order, luv u guys!!!”

Someone else wished the retailer had have sent something entirely different, saying, “@ASOS um thanks for the polos but i think i preferred it when u sent perfume samples???”

What’s even more random is that ASOS has been responding to people’s tweets as though it’s totally normal to send people breath mints by post.

Bit odd but very kind all the same. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

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