Amy Schumer Has Called Quits On Her Longterm Relationship After “Thoughtful Consideration”

They've decided to just be friends.

Amy Schumer met Ben Hanisch on a dating app over a year and a half ago, but the comedian has decided to end their relationship after some careful consideration.

“We sent each other very simple hellos and short, funny messages,” the 35-year-old wrote in a series of essays called The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo last year. After a few weeks, the two officially met. When Amy saw Ben for the first time, he was standing in the rain without an umbrella, with a paper bag containing a bottle of wine in his hand. “We smiled at each other and in that moment, everything felt right,” she said.

The pair have always seemed so happy together, though they’ve been appearing less and less in each other’s photos over the past couple of months. The furniture designer was absent from the premiere of her new movie Snatch this month, and they’ve been drifting further apart.”Amy and Ben have ended their relationship after thoughtful consideration and remain friends,” Amy’s rep told People.

Great thanks a lot @theellenshow … Now I have to deal with another terrifying doll.

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She’s such a gas woman that you’d be mad not to want to be her friend, but can you really stay friends after a break-up? She’ll soon find out.

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