Hold Up! Are These The First Pictures Of Cheryl And Liam’s Baby Son?

The couple welcomed a baby boy last month.

Liam and Cheryl

Ah! Cheryl and Liam’s little one is almost a month old, and the proud new parents have been keeping both his name and any pics of the ickle cherub private.

But hold up, fans reckon the first pictures of the couple’s child made their debut on social media a few days ago thanks to Cheryl’s hair stylist Daya Ruci.

The stylist took to Snapchat to share a pic of a newborn baby clutching her finger, before adding a follow-up video of the little one, being careful to cover his face.

Fans shared both uploads on Twitter:

Of course, the pics could be of any newborn baby, or they could indeed be of Baby Chiam.

In other news, it’s speculated that the baby’s name is Jackson, after his rumoured godfather Harry Styles showed off a new tattoo debuting the moniker.

No confirmation on either the little boy’s name or the first pictures though, so we’ll just have to sit tight until Cheryl and Liam decide they no longer want to keep the details under wraps.

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