#AskJames: I Saw My Friend’s Boyfriend On Tinder. What Should I Do?

James Kavanagh puts the world to rights by answering your problems.

Dear James,

I was on Tinder and saw my friend’s boyfriend on it. Should I tell her he’s doing the dirt or stay quiet? 

Jenny, Dublin

This has happened me before, except it was Grindr. I saw a friend’s boyfriend’s torso on a ‘let’s hook up now’-esque profile. He has a distinctive left nipple. I also recognised the door handle in the background – some people are just not good snakes. If I was to cheat, I’d be a bleedin’ expert at covering my tracks. Anyway, I digress. In short, yes, you should tell your friend. That’s where your loyalty lies. What if he gave your friend an STD? That’d be on your conscience. Screen-shot that shit and show her, or pick a braver member of your group to do the deed.

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