SPIN1038 Are Shaking Up The Dating Game With This Unusual Concept

Do you know anyone who would be up for this?

Nathan O’Reilly, Graham O’Toole, Doireann Garrihy, Martin Guilfoyle (L to R)

There are never too many ways to go about meeting the love of your life, so if you’re bored of Tinder or don’t manage to pull in the club, Fully Charged’s Billboard Singles may be perfect for you.

This week, the Fully Charged breakfast duo Graham and Nathan are launching a new dating concept that will see four Irish singleton’s faces featured on billboards around the city. Gas!

So how will it work? The billboard ads will be up for two weeks starting from the 26th of February. Prospective daters who want the chance to date one of the Billboard Singles just need to send in a WhatsApp voice note on why they’d like a date with them and the Billboard Single will get to pick their perfect match on air.

Nathan O’Reilly, Graham O’Toole, Doireann Garrihy, Martin Guilfoyle (L to R)

If you or somebody you know want to give this new dating method a try, you can sign up for the chance at www.spin1038.com/SINGLE

Listeners can follow the Billboard Singles journey on the Fully Charged Breakfast Show weekday mornings from 7am to 10am.

Looks like the old fashioned ways of meeting people are dead and gone!

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