13 Pairs Of Earrings You Need If You’re A Classic Gold Hoop Girl

It's time to put a new spin on your gold hoop game

I have a jewellery box dedicated to just earrings. I have everything from seashells to turquoise tear drops and yet I rotate between two or three pairs that are essentially the exact same: thin, gold, hoop earrings.

Whether I’m heading to work, or getting ready for a night out, no matter how many pairs of earrings I fiddle with, I just grab my old reliables. I have multi-packs of hoop earrings from Penneys in varying sizes, and similar ones from Accessorize and Asos, and I always go for the basic mid-size option.

I’ve tried to add some more exciting, more creative earrings to my jewellery box, but there is something so flattering and easy about hoops.

I know I’m not alone in this, and many of you are also hoop-addicts. So instead of wasting money on interesting pairs we’ll never wear, I instead suggest a subtle update on the hoop.

Here are loads of updated versions of the hoop earring, to help you mix it up a little…

Stars are a perfect way to update your hoop earring game. It couldn’t be easier to pull off two trends at once.


Betty and Biddy, €15

DelicateLayers via Etsy, €24.80

Betty and Biddy, €15

If you’re floral print mad when it comes to your dresses, skirts, and tops, why not add the trend to your jewellery…

Asos, €11.06

Ellie J Shoppe ,€9


If you’ve been rocking gold for as long as you remember but don’t want to stray from the classic circle shape, a pop of colour is so easy.


Accesorize, from €7


A simple way to glam up the classic look so that you can wear your fave earrings to a wedding or formal event is to opt for charms.

Never Fully Dressed, €19

Sometimes hoops you can fit your hand through can be harder to pull off with different hairstyles, such as a high pony. Not to mention they can be a little impractical.  Little dainty versions of your fave hoops are a perfect way to make the trend more wearable no matter how active your day is.



Accessorize, €17

New Look, €6.99


Asos, €11.06

Despite the name, hoops don’t strictly have to be circles. And easy way to revamp the trend is to swap the shape and opt for some geometric alternative.



New Look, €3.99

Nasty Gal, €3


Missguided, €10.99



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