14 Pretty And Practical Bags Perfect For Work (& Under €50)

Going in and out of work can require a surprising amount of stuff, and so finding a bag that’s not only nice, stylish and affordable but also something that will fit everything can be a challenge.

For some, you need to be able to fit your uniform, work shoes, your lunch, and a big bottle of water. While others need to be able to fit your laptop, a note-book, a makeup bag and all your other personal pieces. That’s without even considering Irish weather this time of year, meaning you’ll probably be packing sun cream AND an umbrella most days.

So with this in mind, we went on the hunt for the perfect bag for your day-to-day ins and outs of work.

We kept it affordable, with a nothing over €50, and made sure they were all pretty as well as practical.

A fashionable tote bag

You may associate the term tote bag with those white canvas ones you can get in Penneys or you get free at something because it’s branded. But tote bag really just means a big bag you can feck everything into and throw over your shoulder. Perfect for popping all those last minute bits into when you’re rushing in the morning, don’t you think?



Sleek, practical and the print gives us a designer feel (there are two other colours if you’re not into this one!).

€37, River Island.


€39.95, Zara.


A work bag doesn’t have to be basic. Opt for this silver one to match your sparkling personality!

€30.42, ASOS.

€21, Brunotti via Zalando.

A cute preppy backpack

Backpacks had a bit of a resurgence over the last few years, which means there are loads of them that are neat and pretty and suitable for the office, as well as cute patterned ones that are still stylish enough that you won’t feel like an eight-year-old on her first day of second class.

€39.99, Parfois.


The style of a fashionable handbag, with the practicality of a backpack!

€48.39, Forever New.


€30.42, ASOS Design.

A sporty bag doesn’t have to be casual, in the same way that runners look great with a midi dress. Add a blazer, jeans and some converse and you’ve got yourself a cool-girl outfit!

€37.33, Nike via ASOS.

A sophisticated laptop bag

An un-glamorous as it is, sometimes we need to lug our laptops around which requires quite a big, rectangular bag with a comfortable strap. But before you think of the unappealing black Velcro one you may have had in college, think again. Laptop bags have come on leaps and bounds which means you can get a sophisticated subtle and stylish one that will work on days you leave the lapper at home. Ideal.

€29.99, New Look.

€41.00, Anna Field via Zalando.


The quilted texture makes it look more expensive that it is – perfect for Chanel fans.

€39.99, H&M.



€45.00, Anna Field via Zalando.


This is such a steal, it’s big and soft and when you’re not bringing your laptop it doubles up as a fab overnight bag. And it’s available in four colours.

€30, Anna Field via Zalando.


This bag is great because it looks like a professional important business lady bag, and then there’s a toucan. It’s the little things sometimes…

€45.99, Parfois.