15 Things You’ll Only Truly Understand If You’re A Girl Who Sweats A Lot

Minuscule rise in temperature ---> your sweat glands open for business.

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Life as a sweaty girl is hard. Very hard.

Sunshine? We sweat. Exercise? We sweat. Humidity, nervousness, warm rooms, warm buses? Sweat, sweat, SWEAT. You get the picture.

It’s a tough existence. If you too are a legitimate Sweaty Betty, we reckon you’ll identify with some of these…

1. You skip the deodorant and body spray section in Boots and make straight for the big guns
48 Hour Extra Dry Sweat-Killing Anti-Perspirant, let’s be havin’ ya.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 15.46.21


2. You know the sun’s en route at least an hour before the rest of the country does
All it takes is the SLIGHTEST rise in temperature for your sweat glands to open for business.


3. Not that it even needs to be sunny out for you to get a case of The Sweats
Humidity: all the sweat of a hot day, none of the sun.



4. You’ve perfected the subtle forehead/top lip pat down after years of practice
Basically any time you walk into a warm room it’s a required activity.

sweat lip


5. You can’t ever be late for anything, basically.
Stress + fast walking = sweaty you.


6. You can only wear pale coloured clothing when a) you’ll be indoors with air-con all day or b) it’s super breezy outsweat4


7. If you wear fake tan, you’re constantly sweating it onto your clothes and bed sheets
Many a Dunnes Stores duvet set has been ruined by your mahogany sweat.

sweat tan


8. You can’t wear a coat out unless it’s legitimately reached sub-zero temps
5.01pm: “Ooh, so cozy in my new winter coat.”



9. Sitting in a car with leather seats on a hot day is your idea of hell
It’s a slippery, sweaty adventure.


10. And wearing a dress with bare legs brings with it a unique set of challenges
Back of knee sweats, how we’ve missed you.



11. Not to mention the dreaded chub rub…
Cue the need to constantly walk like this:

sweat chub


12. Accidentally falling asleep with the radiator on is enough to send you into a heat-induced coma
Waking at 3am drenched in sweat and with a mouth drier than the Sahara. Fun.


13. You generally look like this after a workout – even with gym air-con at full blast
And you’ll remain bright red for roughly two hours afterward.

sweaty exer


14. Don’t even get us STARTED on outdoor exercise.
So hot. So sweaty.


15. But thanks to all that perspiration, you do tend to have better skin than most
It’s basically toxin-free (once you remember to cleanse and exfoliate like a mad woman). Win!


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