3 Gorge Irish Brands Nicola Coughlan Loves

You heard it here first!

Pic: StillMoving.Net for Netflix

Nicola Coughlan has become a style icon.

And a beauty icon.

She’s basically just an icon. So we’ve been jotting down pretty much everything she wears, uses or just simply has in her vicinity.

She has always been very proud to be Irish and regularly gives Irish labels a shoutout. Here are three brands that she’s a fan of.


Nicola Coughlan jetted into Ireland to promote the latest season of Bridgerton.

And she looked like a complete angel as she toured Dublin and her native Galway.

She dazzled in a bespoke diamond ring crafted by Chupi.

The new collection was inspired by Bridgerton actress and Galway native Nicola Coughlan, who specifically requested a bespoke Chupi Claddagh ring for the Bridgerton premiere in Galway.

Nicola wore the 2ct lab-grown Diamond Claddagh Ring and another Claddagh Ring from the brand.

We’re obsessed!

Belle Brush

Nicola’s golden tresses are the stuff of dreams.

And she has revealed that she is a big fan of not just Irish brand but Galway brand – Belle Brush.

She shared her love for the brushes during her Vogue Get Ready With Me video.

The brushes are the secret to Nicola’s perfect gruaig.

But what is the secret? Innovative design. Long, flexible nylon bristles glide through the hair down from the roots without pulling or tugging for shiny, healthy, frizz-free hair.

Sculpted by Aimee


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Ever wondered what lip product Nicola uses to create that perfect look?

Well, worry not because we have gotten to the bottom of it. And of course, it is another incredible Irish brand.

She looked seriously incredible in a Sculpted by Aimee’s HydraLip in shade Blush for a recent photoshoot.

It is available in six shades and is infused with hyaluronic acid for hydration and Jojoba Seed oil to nourish the lips. So it feels like you’re wearing a lip balm but with a dramatic colour pay off.