3 New Gorgeous Scents We’re Dying To Try This Autumn


It’s officially autumn, which means it’s time for a new wardrobe, a new coffee order, and an ever-present ability to adapt to the ever-changing seasons.

It could also be time for a new signature scent, as the days get shorter, the nights, get colder, and you’re more eager than ever for your favourite scarf to start smelling like something new.

Autumn is traditionally a time for spice, pumpkin, and wood-like scents, but that doesn’t mean that everything you wear has got to be dominated by the expected.

Here are three new fragrances we’re only dying to get our hands on this autumn – and to drench ourselves in, while we’re at it.

Ariana Grande – CLOUD PINK (€63)


Autumn may not scream florals, but when something smells as good as Ari’s latest scent, we’ll make an exception.

CLOUD PINK is the star’s latest entry into the fragrance game, and it’s a gorgeous blend of ambery woods, magenta moss, and sweetened praline, as well as a velvety blend of rich berries, sparkling fruit, vanilla orchid and blush ambrette. 

A pop-up shop has just opened up in Arnotts, Dublin (and will be open until October 10) to celebrate the launch.

Mugler – Angel Elixir (€160)

Mugler is back with another iconic fragrance in the making – Angel Elixir.

The striking scent has been described as “a new kind of femininity, a call to unleash one’s personality,” with a “contrast of deep, addictive woody notes wrapped in vanilla infusion, with underlying exclusive spiced floral milky notes.

“From the shadows emerges light. From great to grandiose, this woody floral fragrance is an invitation to all women to embrace the depths of their personality, to shine brightly and reveal their inner star.” 

It doesn’t get better than that, really.

Tom Ford – Cherry Smoke (€332)

One for the boujie gals among us, Tom Ford’s latest fragrance is enhanced by exotic saffron notes, apricot, olive and leather, as well as a precious smoked wood accord. It also comes in a glam bottle.

It’s currently available to purchase in Brown Thomas and Arnotts.