4 Fast Ways To Unblock Clogged Pores

Got skin like a join the dots? We'll bet clogged pores are the culprit - but we know how to beat them.

girl looking at skin in mirror

Clogged pores can lead to stacks of problems, like nasty blackheads, prominent pimples, acne and a dull complexion. But pores aren’t the bad guys. They’re actually how our bodies clean out all the gunk that’s hiding way down deep in our skin. It’s when there’s a build up of dead skin cells, caused by anything from heavy makeup, oily skin or pollution, that they can get clogged and start acting the maggot. But pull yourself away from the magnifying side of the mirror because there are a few ways you can deal with them.

Assess Your Skin Type

Using the wrong products can seriously eff up your pores. If you have oily skin, using the wrong moisturiser, or skipping it altogether can actually make your skin even more oily, and that means more potentially pore-blocking stuff for you to contend with. Not sure if you’re oily, dry or in between? Get a skin analysis with a dermatologist. They’ll help you suss out what products are peeving off your pores and recommend something much more effective.

Deep Cleanse

If there’s trapped dirt in there that just wont’ budge, then roll up your sleeves and give your pores a serious scrubbing with a Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Brush, €119. (It’s kinda like an electric brush for your skin, FYI.) The bristles exfoliate the skin’s surface and purge dirt and sebum out of your pores, giving you a real deep-down clean. Stick to using it no more than twice a week to avoid sending your oil producing glands in to overdrive or excessively drying out the skin.

clarisonic cleansing brush


Clarisonic, €119


Steam And Exfoliate

Steaming your skin isn’t just a super nice way of relaxing, it’s also pretty deadly at opening up your pores so you can give them a good aul cleaning. Spend ten minutes with your head over a basin of hot (but not boiling) water and finish off with a face scrub to slough off any dead skin cells. The result is super smooth skin and squeaky clean pores. You’re welcome.

soap and glory scrub

Boots, €11.99.

Go To A Facialist

Need an excuse to pop down the beauty salon? Good, cos seeing your facialist on the regular is seriously great news for your pores. Booking in for a clarifying facial once a month will help to clean out any yuckiness and renew your skin cells. Plus many facialists will offer manual removal of blocked pores, which if nothing else, will stop you obsessing over them in the mirror every morning.