5 Autumn Make-Up Trends We Totally Won’t Be Trying

From the bad and the impractical to the just plain ridiculous; unfortunately, not all beauty trends are created equal. Here are five we'll definitely be sitting out this season...

1. Obvious contouring

make up

From clown, cleavage and even Star-Wars inspired contouring, this year has been all about shading and highlighting to enhance your natural bone structure. But this popular A/W trend has taken a turn toward the cray-cray, with NYFW prompting a trend for harsh and- shriek- unblended contour lines. We say, don’t overdo it with the bronzer or highlighter – less is more – and opt for shades closer to your complexion which will give you a more natural outcome and still sculpt your cheekbones to perfection. The most important rule, though? Blend it out. It’s meant to look natural.

2. Sharp, overdrawn brows


You know what they look like: They’re overly filled in, squared off, and could have been drawn on with a stencil. Your brows should always look feathery and lightly coloured in, so they leave you looking youthful and fresh-faced, rather than harsh and fake. Yours not looking so on fleek? We found out why that might be here, and discovered how you can correct it, to boot.

3. The wet look


Who said women have to blow dry their hair in the mornings? Scoff! The wet hair look has returned yet again this season, but we won’t be leaving the house without ours perfectly blow-dried, straightened and styled. Besides, as our mammys told us, we’d catch a cold. No dripping wet strands for us, thanks very much. 

4. Black Lipstick


Black is back, but this not-so-timid lip trend can be seriously hard to pull off. Instead, stash your goth-inspired lippie and opt for a berry-colored hue; it packs a punch, and compliments all skin tones.

5.  Claws


We completely understand the appeal of extremely long, talon-like nails, really we do, and if we’re being completely honest, we’d love to wear this trend all season long, but the truth is we can’t type, text or do, well, pretty much anything with our long stiletto-like claws, so sadly, they’ve gotta go.

By Jennifer Conway.