5 Cute But Creepy Nail Trends We Can Totally Get On Board With

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit?

Are you a big Halloween fan? If so, you’re going to only LOVE these nails. We’ve already checked out makeup inspo for Halloween, but the devil is in the details, right? ‘Tis the season for spookiness all round! So we’re been oohing and ahhing over these amazingly creepy nails. They sill have to be cute though, because it’s our nails after all.

Fangs, spiders and glittery blood. We didn’t think this trio could look so good together. Is it just us, or does that spider almost look 3D?

We’re getting serious Witchy vibes from this set! These mystical nails have basically everything you need, from gorgeous glitter and a matte finish – even with a stunning marble effect thrown into the mix too.

Didn’t we say it’s all about the details? And how CUTE are these little skeletons? We’d almost wear these spooky little guys all year round.

Okay, these ones, we can’t quite get over. What a way to bring your favourite Disney film to life! From the poisoned apple to the Evil Queen, this set is the perfect balance between creepy and cute.

Last but not least, we’re leaning more towards cute rather than creepy with these ones. But, really, there’s not much that’s creepier than eyeballs paints on your nails, right?


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