5 Expert Skin Tips For Your Best Skin Ever

Skin giving you grief? Whether it's acne, clogged pores or a dull complexion that's giving you bother, following these skin rules will help you get your glow back.


Bad skin is a major bummer, but you don’t have to suffer. We asked Aisling Cleary, registered general nurse at River Medical, what we need to do to cure our derma woes and have a flawless, glowing complexion.

1. Less is more

Has a Mount Everest-sized spot popped up right in the middle of your chin? Resist the urge to slather it in make-up; an excess of product will further irritate the skin and clog your pores. “I find a lot of my patients tend to exacerbate the problem by wearing too much make-up in an attempt to mask the problem,” explains Aisling Cleary. “However this just further blocks the pores and irritates the skin.” If possible have a day free from all lotions and cosmetics to let the skin breathe.

2. Don’t over wash

Taking off your make-up in the evening and cleansing every morning is obviously a complete must, but if you’re constantly trying to get that squeaky clean feeling – especially if you’re doing it with unsuitable products – you could be doing your complexion more harm than good. “This can result in striping away too much moisture from the skin and as a result the oil glands over-producing to compensate, and worsening the problem” says Aisling. Instead, steer clear of foaming cleansers which can overly dry out the skin and gently cleanse with an oil-based formula, like SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, €66.84, which will help maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels.

SK11 Cleansing Oil

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Skipped your moisture this morning and went straight for primer and foundation? Big mistake. Mositurising keeps the essential oils you need for good skin from escaping and also acts as a barrier to the outside elements (pollution, we’re looking at you) that you don’t want anywhere near your skin. The catch? There’s no point moisturising with the wrong formula, so you’ll need to hit up your local skincare counter for a proper skin type analysis to ensure you’re giving your skin what it needs.

4. Don’t squeeze

We’ve been told, er, umpteen times that squeezing spots is a major skin sin and yet we can’t seem to stop it. Aisling reiterates why it’s such a no-no: “This only results in the spreading of infection, delaying your healing time and worst of all, can potentially cause scarring,” she explains. If you really must squeeze though? Wait until the spot has a head on it and be sure to cover your fingertips with a tissue. If it won’t come, leave it. Look out for other bacteria-spreading habits too. “Don’t forget to clean make-up brushes regularly,” warns Aisling, “and even your phone which can house hidden bacteria.”

5. You are what you eat

Chocolate, crisps and other processed goodies does not a glowing complexion make. Instead “increase your intake of nuts and seeds,” advises Aisling. “They’re full of those good fats and also Vitamin E which is of course great for the skin. Aim for your five a day too; the more colorful foods in your diet the better.” Even increasing your water intake can have major benefits for the appearance of your skin. It’s what Jennifer Anistion says keeps her skin looking ageless, don’cha know.