5 Fake Tanning Hacks You Need To Remember

The need to knows and must dos.


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Irish girls know the struggle of fake tanning all too well. Spending an hour freezing in your bathroom trying to pump out the last few drops of your go-to tan, calling out for whoever’s in the gaff to do your back, and staining your new bed sheets – only to wake up and find you missed a patch on your neck. Head-wrecking!

It shouldn’t be so hard to get that golden glow, so we’ve compiled five fake-tanning hacks you need to make that process go as smoothly as possible. Here’s to faking it!

Save the Shave

When you shave, your hair follicles open up, so any tan you apply after will sink into your pores and give you that speckled egg look all over your legs. It’s 2022 ladies – why not save the shave altogether! Your tan will blend seamlessly over the hair that’s already there.

For the gals who prefer to be silky smooth, beauticians recommend giving your pores plenty of time to close up before you do your tan – at least 24 hours. Tanning Thursday, meet Shaving Tuesday.


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The Hanger Hack

Whatever genius brought this idea to social media, we thank you. Struggle to tan that awkward spot in the middle of your back that your hands can’t reach? Is your boyfriend/mam/housemate at their wits end being called to bronze you up every week? Never fear!

Pop your mitt on the end of a clothes hanger, pinch the other end tight with your hand, and use your new tool the way you would a back scratcher. Works like a charm! You fierce, independent woman, you.

Powder Puff Girls

There’s little more maddening than perfecting your tan, reaching down to put your clothes on, and realising that the colour is creasing at every point that a body can bend. Using baby powder helps to set everything in place, so powder up your knees, elbows and armpits after you’ve applied your tan.

It’s also a great way to minimise that sticky feeling while you wait to dry. Win win!


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Protect Your Bed

Say hello to crisp white sheets once again. Next Ireland owns our hearts after coming out with this ingenious self-tan protector sheet to save your bedspread from the wrath of tan stains.

A little like a sleeping bag, you just tuck the tan protector over your pillows and slide into the pouch on top of your sheets. Where has this been all our lives?!

Avoid the Oil

We all know to moisturise in order to keep our skin from drying and flaking – which leads to scaly, patchy tan. But moisturisers with natural oils are working against you, contributing to breaking down your tan and fading it faster.

Switch to an oil-free body moisturiser to prolong your glow and keep it looking even days after application. We love this CeraVe moisturising lotion!

Words by Aoife CodyKane