5 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Treatments

From eating clay to exfoliating with cat litter, these celebs have some seriously strange ways of getting red carpet ready.

Shailene Woodley revealed a super weird beauty trick recently. “I’ve discovered that clay is great for you because your body doesn’t absorb it… it bonds to negative isotopes and helps clean heavy metals out of your body. When you first start eating clay your bowel movements, pee, and even you yourself will smell like metal.” Yes, you read that right – Shailene likes to indulge in the spoils of the earth. Ever since the Divergent star’s clay admission we’ve wondered what else the hard-core Hollywood set do to look good. Here are some of the, er, weirdest celebrity beauty treatments we found.

Sheep’s placenta

If you live on a farm, you just might be familiar with the stuff the A-list are queueing up for.  Yep, sheep placenta facials are a celebrity fave, it seems. Harry Styles indulges in the €500 afterbirth antidote to alleviate his clogged pores. Louise Deschamps, senior paramedical aesthetician at Lancer Dermatology, told Grazia: “Putting on make-up all the time, and travelling, plays havoc with his skin. Harry loves the super hydrating and nourishing facials.”

Bird poo

We have to hand it to Victoria Beckham, she’s been firing on all cylinders of late. Her facial of choice however, might ruffle a few feathers… bird poo, peeps. Seriously. Available at Spa to You in London’s Hilton Park Lane for the princely sum of €250, the Nightingale Dropping Facial was traditionally used for Geisha and Kabuki actors in Japan. We’re guessing it was to get that white face effect, as the small bird’s splats contain enzymes that help lighten and exfoliate the skin. Could this be the secret to VB’s glow? (Nope, we reckon that’s probably David.)

Snail slime

A snail’s slimy trail is skincare 2.0, apparently. The mucus, or mucin to be exact, is chock full of proteins, elastin and glycolic acids. Katie Holmes reportedly slaps on the sludgy gel for its anti-aging prowess; it’s apparently also effective at reducing scarring and treating acne. Not too grossed out and want to give it go? Spare yourself the bother of scooping up snail secretions and pick up a tub of Dr. Organic Snail Gel at Holland & Barrett. We’re a bit, ahem, slow to come around to the idea. Geddit?

Cat litter

Down the Jersey Shore, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. Nothing’s shocking when it comes to Snooki and the gang. What we didn’t foresee was Ms Polizzi’s attempt at DIY facial exfoliation with, um, cat litter. “Clean cat litter,” she points out. Now we’re all for natural beauty, but why would she use the grainy contents of a feline’s faeces sandbox? She tells Conan O’Brien: “I don’t like to spend a lot of money on spa treatments – just because I’m a cheap-o. So I Googled what else I could use that wasn’t expensive. It was cat litter.” #vom

Whaddya reckon? Are you gonna be adding clay, sheep’s placenta, bird poo, snail slime or cat litter to your beauty routine any time soon?