5 Things You Need To Toss From Your Make-Up Bag Now, Because Eww Gross

Make-up hygiene is no joke, and if any of these things are clogging up your fave-o cosmetics bag, you need to get rid now!

Broken Powder

Dirty sponges or beauty blenders

The cold, dark confines of your make-up bag are the perfect place for old sponges and beauty blenders to harbour bacteria and grow mould. If yours look dirty and the stains can’t be lifted with soap and water, they smell or they’ve become porous then it’s time for the bin. Soz.

Shattered powder compacts

These don’t just make everything look messy and coat the rest of your cosmetics, they also help to spread bacteria around your cosmetics bag. If you can’t bear to bin ’em, fix them by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol, flatten out the powder in its pan and leave to set overnight. It’ll be as good as new by morning.

Mascara that’s gone clumpy

Mascara that’s passed its sell by doesn’t just look clumpy in the tube, it’ll also make your lashes look clumpy when applied and could lead to a nasty eye infection. Eek! The more you pump the wand the more air and bacteria you let into the tube, so it’s best to replace yours every three to six months.

Lipstick that’s melted

The thought of spreading germs onto ours lips makes us gag, but it isn’t always easy to spot when a lipstick has expired. It’s common for them to get too warm inside your make-up bag and melt. Pay close attention to their consistency when applied too. If it feels drier on your lips and the texture isn’t just as creamy as it used to be, it may be time to hot foot it down to MAC for a new one.

Foundation that’s separated

A tell-tale sign that your foundation has gone off? Changes in colour and texture are a big giveaway. Pay attention to the smell as well. Water-based formulas have a life-span of around a year, while oil-based formulas can last up to 18 months, but they can go off before that. The lesson? If in doubt, throw it out.


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