6 Things Your Waxer Wants You To Know

Whether you're a wax virgin or a regular down the salon, Waxperts Founder Ellen Kavanagh shares these essential need-to-knows before your next appointment.

woman getting a leg wax

1. You don’t look different or weird down there

Reckon your lady garden looks totally weird compared to every other gal’s? “We see and wax thousands of women every year so we’ve seen it all,” says Ellen. “Everyone’s different but everyone is normal. Honestly”.

The same goes if you’re pregnant. “We’re used to seeing all the changes your body makes,” explains Ellen. “Just prepare for your bikini wax by coming in fresh and clean in all the nooks and crannies. There should be wipes for you to freshen up right before your wax. Use them. Please.”

2. You’re not the hairiest person we’ve ever seen

“Our job is to remove hair, so we’re not going to be shocked if you arrive in with a full bush,” Ellen laughs. “In fact sometimes it makes our job easier. So if in doubt, don’t trim. Sometimes when you do this you can cut the hairs too short and it’s harder for us to wax them. Avoid shaving or trimming in between your waxes too. You’ll only mess up the hair growth cycle.”

3. Don’t drink lots of caffeine before your wax

Fond of a latte or three? You might wanna put down that cuppa, because, as Ellen explains, the stimulants in it will actually make you more sensitive to waxing. Instead, “hydrate with some water,” she suggests, “and to make things even more pain-free try exfoliating a few days prior to your wax to remove dead skin cells.”

4. It’s okay to quiz us!

“A good waxer will be more than happy to answer any of your questions,” Ellen tell us. “Key things to ask: Are they qualified in specialised waxing? Do they use hot/peelable wax only on the face, underarms and bikini? Do they have a clean, hygienic working area, especially wax pots, and room? The answer should be yes to all the above.”

5. Steer clear of salons that double dip

“Double dipping is where the spatula is used to apply wax from the pot to the area being wax and then re-dipped and repeated throughout your treatment,” explains Ellen. “It means bacteria, sweat and skin secretions go into the pot and back on to you or the next client, so if a salon double dips and the last area to be waxed was someone’s bum and then you come in to get your upper lip done…. well you get the picture.” The lesson? Seek out a salon that doesn’t do this icky practice.

6. Adhere to the aftercare you’ve been given

You’ve had your wax, so you can go home now and stroke your lovely smooth lip/leg/vag, and forget all about it, yeah? Not exactly. “If you’ve had your upper lip or eyebrows waxed be careful not to be touching the area afterwards,” says Ellen. “This can cause it to break out in spots. Same goes for applying make up after a wax. You need to leave it for 24hours. Avoid the gym, swimming, or sweating after your wax too. If in doubt, ask your waxer to give you clear instructions on what to do after your wax.”