7 Deadly Apps Every Beauty Addict Needs To Download

Beauty obsessed? These amaze-o apps will help you find the best salons, perfect your selfies and discover products that are customised to your beauty profile. #Winning.

Manicured nails on iphone

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

Not sure what lip shade suits you best or what eye make-up to wear today? The L’Oreal Makeup Genius app lets you try before you buy. Simply hold the phone in front of your face (as if you were taking a selfie) and select the products you’re after to ‘try them on.’ Easy.

OPI Nail studio

This app is great for the gal who can never decide on a nail colour at her monthly appointment. Download it before your next salon visit and try out each shade, before you go to have your digits decorated.


The Visada app offers you a full personalised beauty profile. Simply snap a selfie, and the app will offer up tips on how to improve your beauty routine, whether it’s hair, make-up or skincare.


A fave among the Kardashians, this app lets you correct your selfies at the tap of a finger. Foundation not-so flawless or your contour not looking as deadly as it could be? Simply tweak it using 365’s perfecting tools.

What Salon

Set up by Cork lads Kiernan Walsh and David O’Flynn, the What Salon app is linked to 260 salons across Ireland to help you make real-time appointments, according to your location. Just load up the app to search available appointment slots, view treatments, check opening hours and read customer reviews. Simple.

Beautiful Me

This app offers up customised make-up and skincare advice. Using your photo to determine your skin profile, the app will assess the user’s skin tone, facial features, make-up and hair to suggest the best products.

Sephora To Go

The Sephora To Go app is kinda like having your very own beauty therapist on call. Why? It lets you dial up a Sephora advisor and ask them your burning beauty questions. Add to that, it makes it even easier to buy all your favourite beauty products from the US, making it bad news for our wallets. Damn.