7 Sustainable Pieces Worth Checking Out During Your Next Online Shop

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We’re all a bit obsessed with online shopping right now (the delivery guy knows you by your first name too, right?).

It’s a thrill having a delivery to look forward to every week, especially when everything else in the world seems a bit glum at the moment. However, we’ve been trying to keep sustainability in mind while browsing, instead of impulse buying, being sure we’ll get our 30 wears out of clothing items while still treating ourselves to something fab.

We’ve come across a few eco-friendly treats that both quenches our shopping thirst and helps the environment. Here’s some of the sustainable pieces we’re adding to our bags.

1. Biodegradeable Eco Glitter

Whether you’re filling that festival void by stocking up for next year, or if you’re a MUA who loves a bit of sparkle in your looks, this is the perfect sustainable purchase for you. All the glam and none of the guilt, it’s a yes from us.

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2. Skincare

Skincare is the best investment and makes you feel fab! There are so many gorge sustainable skincare brands that think of both your skin and the environment. One of these brands we’re sure you’re all familiar with is Lush. Lush manufacture their products with the planet in mind making sure to use the least amount of packaging and natural ingredients.

The Mask of Magnaminty is one of their bestsellers, it’s a refreshing minty mask that leaves your skin feeling revived, their website have a huge range of products from cosmetics to skincare which can be found here.

3. Shampoo bar

Speaking of Lush, the brand also the invented the first ever shampoo bar. Sounds interesting right? These liquid shampoo alternatives avoid plastic packaging, are travel friendly and treat your hair kindly.

Irish sustainable website The Kind is also selling a whole range of shampoo bars from Three Hills Soap meaning you can shop sustainably and from a local business, win-win!

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4. Sustainable fashion

A good clothes haul is sometimes exactly what we need, but thinking sustainably doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Weekday is an online store featuring sustainable clothing made from recycled materials which are totally fashion forward at the same time.

This gorge black dress is made from organic cotton and costs €60, which will definitely give you your 30 wear quality.

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5. Pre-loved items

Another way your next clothes or accessory shop can be sustainable is by purchasing from vintage or second hand stores. These give a new lease of life to pieces and are a great alternative to turning to the high-street. Irish company Siopella has an online shop full of pre-loved designer bits which can almost too easily fill your basket. So much we want to buy!

This Gucci red velvet mini bag is perfect for a Christmas night out (that we are hopeful for!). If you’re looking for a splurge, we’re fawning over the below!

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6. Face Halo

We are all guilty of using makeup wipes and mounds of cotton pads when removing our makeup quickly at the end of the day. But Beauty Bay is now selling Face Halo’s which can be popped in the wash and reused 200 times each. They remove makeup with just the addition of warm water and avoid any waste. They come in packs of three and cost €22, pretty good value for 600 uses.

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7. Cruelty free makeup brushes

The feeling of using new clean makeup brushes for the first time is so satisfying. Next time you’re in the market for some, why not opt for some natural cruelty free brushes. These are from 100% Pure and are currently down from €31.97 to €12.79, a steal really.

They have a wide range of cruelty free makeup, skincare and tools to fit all your beauty needs. With their pale pink handles they look like the cutest new addition to our makeup bags.

Shop here 

And if you love these products we’d definitely recommend you following all these incredible brands online you know, for further spree opportunities ;-).

Words by Jade Carpenter