7 Ways To Use Concealer, Other Than Hiding A Blemish

It's not just good for making pimples vanish, y'know.

Woman using Concealer

We love any product that can fix a multitude of problems and if there’s one beauty hero that we always have stashed in our make-up bags, it’s a deadly concealer that we know we can whip out at our desks, on public transport or at the end of our 9-5 when we need to be somewhere, STAT.

Here’s five ways to use yours to get flawless in a flash…

1. To define your brows

Haven’t had your brows threaded in absolute agessssss? Concealer is a nifty tool for faking defined arches. Make like a beauty blogger (this is one of their favourite hacks, FYI) and after you’ve filled in your brows, draw a line of concealer directly underneath and directly above each brow. Simply smudge it with your finger for faux definition.

2. To contour

Nope, you don’t need three different shades of foundation or an expensive contouring palette in your beauty arsenal. You can do the same job with a stick concealer that’s roughly two shades lighter than your skin tone – we love Catrice Coverstick, €3.50, for doing just that. Draw an upside down V under each eye and extend it out across your cheekbones. Then blend it out with a make-up sponge for easy contouring when you’re in a hurry.

Catrice Cover Stick

3. As eye primer

Don’t fancy forking out a fortune on eye primer? Well you don’t have to. Just blend some of your favourite creamy concealer over each eyelid. It’ll give your eyeshadow extra staying power and as it’s paler than your skin tone it’ll make the pigments extra punchy too.

4. To add extra coverage

Yes, it’s great for covering pimples, but it’s also pretty ace at hiding other grievances. We use ours down the bridge of our noses where our make-up tends to flake off, across our forehead where we have blackheads and for on-the-spot cover ups on the days we don’t fancy wearing a full face of foundation.

5. In the socket of your eye

We love to dot a light-reflecting concealer like YSL Touche Eclat, €35, in the inner corner of our eye. Why? It really helps to subtly open up our eyes and brighten our peppers, without the the harshness of using an icy, white eyeshadow to do the same job.

YSL Touche Eclat

6. For extreme under eye coverage

An absolute must for Monday mornings and Sunday hangovers, this hack will cover even the most extreme fatigue. ‘Bake’ your make-up by loading on lots of concealer with a damp sponge, dust with a heavy coating of powder, leave to set and then blend. Under eye bags? What under eye bags?

7. To plump your lips

Don’t have a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout? Us either, but lining your cupid’s bow with concealer can help. We like to slightly over-line our pout with a lip liner like MAC Lip Pencil in Soar, €17, then dot concealer on our cupid’s bow and just below the centre of our bottom lip. Last step? Blend.


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