8 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Our Gas, Glam And Totally Gorge Beauty Podcast, The Glow Up

A fortnightly, super nerdy chat about beauty with amazing guests? Don't mind if we do.

Have you been listening to our gas, glamorous, and totally gorgeous beauty podcast The Glow Up? Whaddya think?

If not, here’s a little intro: In every episode, we talk to an interesting person about beauty – the products they swear by, the ones that conjure up good (or bad) memories, their ‘makeup personality’, and their icons in beauty.

There are eight delicious episodes available so far for you to tuck into, with the ninth on the way next Monday. Here’s everyone we’ve talked beauty with on the pod – click on the episode title to listen, or tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

Our first ever guests were the amazing authors of the Oh My God What A Complete Aisling books, Emer and Sarah – we discussed Aisling’s makeup preferences (just a touch of tinted moisturiser and brown mascara, of course) and the products that fill them with nostalgia, from CK perfume to black kohl eyeliner.

Suzanne Jackson

Next we sat down with Irish beauty royalty – influencer turned entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson. We found out how she built her brand SOSU by SJ, her favourite lashes for her ‘baldy eyes’ (her words, not ours) and the stuff her husband Dylan steals from her beauty stash.

Andrea Horan

If you love the kitschy nail haven that is Tropical Popical, you will LOVE our chat with co-owner Andrea Horan. She talks about repealing the 8th, her love of drag, and her favourite colour combo – ‘rink’ (that’s red and pink).

Rosie Connolly-Quinn

We’ve always been huge fans of Rosie, but recording this confirmed she’s as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. She revealed how pregnancy hormones can impact her skin, and described the extremely luxurious process of having your wedding scented by Jo Malone. The glamour!

Triona McCarthy

We usually try to stick to the format on the podcast, but that went straight out the window when we had beauty journalist Triona McCarthy on. The script was abandoned in favour of chats about her life, career, and the time she tried to give her septum ring to Kylie Jenner (true story).

Caroline Foran

With Owning It: Your Bullshit Free Guide To Dealing With Anxiety and its follow-up, The Confidence Kit, Caroline has helped make tricky mental health issues easier to understand. We talked to her about how sometimes, a bit of makeup can make all the difference – and the one product she swears makes her look ‘alive’.

Mark Rogers

Our first lad on the pod! Mark Rogers (or @m.rbeauty) has been obsessed with beauty since his teens – he’s now an influencer and the face of Benefit Cosmetics in Ireland. We chatted Botox, makeup for men, and the er… risqué beginnings of one of our favourite Benefit products.

James Kavanagh

James getting into the spirit of things in the studio

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have our gorgeous agony uncle James on, would it? James is well known for being glamorous, but we wanted to know what specific products and treatments make him tick – from his hair transplant to the lotions and potions he uses to ensure a good night’s sleep.


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