7 Things To Do For The Ultimate Galentine’s Night Out With Your Bestie

The ultimate guide to celebrating your gals

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Are you ready for the Galentine’s date to end all Galentine’s dates?

Get your girl gang together this Galentine’s weekend for some gossip, banter and a bundle of laughs you will never forget.

After all, we have got a day to celebrate romance, why not celebrate those platonic love stories too.

Here are our top seven things to do this Galentine’s Day, so grab your gal pals and spoil yourselves Carrie Bradshaw style, we promise you won’t regret it.

 1. Afternoon Tea

We all love brunch with the gals, but this Galentine’s, let’s make it FANCY – and with a glass of prosecco and some bite sized nibbles, you really can’t go wrong.

Whether you choose a beautiful hotel, a quaint coffee shop or a trendy restaurant it’s time with your gals that will really make the day special.

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2. At Home Spa Day

This Galentine’s, why not give a little at home spa day a go? Make your scrubs and masks from scratch with ingredients straight from the kitchen to get the fun going. Use your elbows for added pressure during a relaxing massage. You can even create a mini nail bar and give each other manis and pedis.

Relax and have a cocktail of your choice and if you choose not to drink, there are a whole host of non-alcoholic options out there that taste just as good.

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3. Visit an Escape Room

The more people the better, because you will 100% need the help when it comes to solving the mysteries of any escape room.

Choose between rooms full of mysteries or horror and even travel themed, there’s something to suit your entire group. Come ready to try anything and you’re guaranteed to have the most fun day you have had in a while.

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4. Girly Movie Night

Here at STELLAR, we love a good movie night, so why not have one ASAP?

Some of our fave girly movies include: Grease, Mamma Mia, 27 Dresses, 10 Things I hate About You and Bridget Jones’ Baby.

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5. Have a Basket/Board Night

Ever wanted to try a platter of different foods starting with the first letter of your name? Well, you should.

The trend took off in 2022 on TikTok, where users invited their friends over and everyone brought a platter of foods that began with the first letter of their name. We might even try this in the office one day. We’d have a brilliant time at STELLAR HQ eating our little hearts out.

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6. Have an Old School Sleepover

You can’t deny we all loved a good sleepover as a kid, begging our parents to let our best friends stay so we could chat and giggle the night away, even pretending to be asleep when they inevitably came to check on us (the giggles were never a giveaway).

The best thing about an adult sleepover is that there are no rules, you can do what you like with zero consequences. Let’s be real – we would relish being asleep by 10pm now!

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7. Do a Scavenger Hunt

Remember the 2004 movie Sleepover? After it premiered every teenager wanted to have one just like Julie Corkie and her friends’, scavenger hunt included.

While things may change and Julie’s scavenger list might seem a little juvenile now, why not create your own and talk your friends into having a great time doing things they might not normally do. Karaoke is always a fun addition.

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So go on, get up and get going. Our girls are the only ones who’ll be around when a relationship breaks down, so we need to nurture these relationships as much as possible.