9 Beauty Trends We’re Dying To See The Back Of This Year

Being a beauty lover was tough in 2018.

Beauty only got bigger in 2018, and while we love makeup with every little bit of our hearts, we do have to admit that the whole industry has kind of lost the run of itself.

Here are some things that just need to die this year. Sorry, not sorry.

Insta-MUAs squeezing product on to their faces with droppers

There’s enough foundation or serum there for several faces. Plus, IRL you can bet it dripped all over her top. It’s just not worth it.

Eyeshadow palettes

Surely all possible eyeshadow palettes have been made by now? There can’t be many more to do? Let us rest.

Celebrity beauty lines and collabs

Similarly, everyone and their ma is bringing out a product now and it’s no longer particularly exciting. Unless you can be as good as Fenty Beauty, don’t try it.

Crap shade ranges

There’s no excuse at this stage.

Fake freckles

It just seems like an unnecessary extra step? You either have them or you don’t.

Unicorn/mermaid/rainbow anything


It’s twee and overdone. There. We’ve said it.

And with that, unusual highlighter shades

Sure, you like two shades of this particular highlighter palette, but you will never use the mint green/orange/blue that they’ve decided to stick in alongside them. Not even as eyeshadow. Buy a single and save your money.

Influencer drama

2018 really was the year of the call out, and while it was necessary for some dirty laundry to be aired, maybe this year we’ll actually hear some makeup reviews. We live in hope!

The idea of ‘effortless’ beauty

Brands bringing out super sheer skin tints and celebrities proudly showing off their ‘makeup free’ faces on Instagram is nice… if you’ve got a dermatologist on call and haven’t had a spot in ten years. It’s the same pressure to be perfect, just in a different form.


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