A Mother And Baby Clothing Swap Shop Is Coming To Dublin This Month

This is genius for new mums and mums-to-be!

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

Two things that pregnant people and babies have in common is that they grow pretty rapidly.

It can be difficult to keep up with the demand of a growing and changing body when you’re pregnant and you may find yourself only wearing those maternity jeans once or twice before the baby arrives.

Similarly, as a baby grows it you may find yourself with piles of baby clothes that were barely worn, if at all.

With this in mind, the people behind Sustainable Fashion Dublin have put together the perfect event.

The Mum And Tot Swap Shop will give mums a chance to swap their own clothes, maternity or otherwise, as well as baby clothes for the little ones.

“We were recently made aware of how insanely difficult and expensive it can be to keep up with the clothing demands of growing children, so we decided to organise a *very* special event to help tackle that problem,” Sustainable Fashion Dublin said.


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It added: “Young children grow through clothes at an incredible rate, and keeping up with their needs can be exhausting and expensive, not to mention incredibly unsustainable. We want to provide mums with a different alternative to spending hundreds of euros on the baby equivalent to fast-fashion; on clothes that become outgrown within the blink of an eye, only to be cast aside or sent to landfill within a few months.”

The event takes place on Friday August 16th with The Well in Dublin from 10am to 12.30.

Never been to a swap shop? Here’s how this one will work: Simply bring up to five pieces of kids clothing, and three pieces of adult clothing in good condition and you’ll get a token in exchange for each one. All the clothes will be laid out and hung up and you can use your tokens to pick up some bits that you love.

Writer Sophie write and Pat Kane of Reuzi.ie will be there to give a talk on sustainability for your wardrobe and home and there’s be a range of sustainable stalls there too.

It’ll give mums a chance to meet like-minded parents all while being for sustainable by finding new clothes for you and your baby, while also gettind rid of the bits you no longer use. It’s a win-win!

You can get tickets here and find Sustainable Fashion Dublin on Instagram.

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