A New Study Shows That Women’s Pockets Are About Half The Size Of Men’s

Finally, some proof!

One of the great joys in every woman’s life is finding a nice skirt or dress that has pockets. But what would be even more of a joy is if those pockets actually fit what we needed them to fit.

How many of us have despaired over phones getting bigger, because our pockets can barely fit a credit card? How many of us have wanted to carry a little wallet in our jeans pocket like the lads, but quickly realised that it was physically impossible?

In a new study from The Pudding, the pockets of 80 pairs of blue jeans were measured to find the average size for men and women – all of the jeans measured had a 32-inch waist, so would fit roughly the same size person.

And guess what? It’s official: Women’s pockets are almost half the size of men’s ones.

The average women’s jeans pocket measures 5.6 inches down and 6 inches across, while the average men’s pocket measures 9.1 inches down and 6.4 inches across. U wot m8?

via The Pudding

Like, we always knew, but it’s great just to have it confirmed. So now that we know for sure we’re getting the raw deal, let’s find out more: What can we fit in our pockets, relative to men’s?

Well, The Pudding discovered that only 40% of women’s front pockets can completely fit the three leading smartphone brands, and less than half of them can fit a wallet designed to fit in a front pocket. What’s more, our own hands can barely fit:

Head-wrecking, isn’t it? Now for a little bit of history: In Medieval times, both men and women both wore bags that tied around their waists and filled them with whatever bits and bobs they needed. Over the centuries, as waistlines and skirts got smaller, there was no room for these tied-on pockets. And lo, the handbag was born, and the days of women being able to carry their stuff with their hands free, or unencumbered by a heavy bag, were dead.

In 1954, Christian Dior said “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration”, which just about tells you everything you need to know about women and their clothing were (/are) viewed.

We already know that women need pockets, but it seems we have to be even more specific in our request: Women need functional pockets. Clothing brands, step up to the plate.