A TikTok Lash Artist Is Colour Matching Her Extensions And It’s Incredible

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Image via Instagram, @kn.lashartistry

Whether you’re a lash extension die hard or a one coat of mascara gal, we can all appreciate the look of a long fluttery lash.

Choosing a fake lash (be it extensions or stick on falsies) can require a little thought though; you want to find a shape that suits your eye, take into account length and thickness, and see what works with your face as a whole.

Now one TikTok artist is taking it a step further; not only by making lash extensions that suit your face and eye shape, but by matching them to your hair, brow, and natural lash colour.

@minksbyv Replying to @madi.vlog yall doing blonde lashes and using different color hairs is a process my makeup artistry skills came into play with this for sure! A lil bts #lashes #lashextensions #blondelashes #gingerlashes #brownlashes #clusterlashes #eyeanalysis ♬ HBIC – Sabby Sousa

TikTok user and lash artist @minksbyv has gone viral for her beautiful, natural looking lash extensions, which she carefully designs to best enhance her client’s beauty.

She takes into account everything from the symmetry of the eyes to how deep set they are. But most importantly, instead of sticking to dramatic black like most extensions, she toys with shades of brown, blonde and ginger to create soft and complementary looks that are blowing people away.

@minksbyv Replying to @herme_hergom I can’t believe redheads can wear natural lashes too #lashextensions #lashes #clusterlashes #gingerhair #redhead #naturallashes #lashartist #blondelashes #blondehair ♬ original sound – Minksbyv

In a post the artist behind Minks by V explained that “Everyone can’t wear the same look (because) everyone doesn’t have the same colour hair”.

We’re totally sold on this idea – it just makes sense! The viral videos seem to have set off a trend, with other videos of lash artists popping up who have experimented with colour matching to create more natural and flattering lashes, though they’re mostly in shades of brown and black. We hope there are more options for the redheads and blondies to come!

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It looks like the lash game is levelling up – and we’re on board!