Amy Huberman Is Warning Fans About A Company Using Her Image For A ‘Scam’


Amy Huberman is very much an Irish style icon, and most of us fall over ourselves to nab any gorgeous bits she shows off on her Instagram.

However, yesterday the actress warned fans that there’s a scam on the go that’s using this very influence to plug crappy ‘beauty creams’.

In a series of tweets, Hubes said that a company called DermaVix has been using her image to promote their products, and encouraged her fans not to click on any suspicious links bearing her name.

The ads are made to look like news stories about Amy ‘announcing’ her new role as brand ambassador, leading to links where you can buy whatever ~miracle cream~ they’re peddling.

“They have written completely fabricated stories to go along with the scam ‘beauty creams’, so please ignore,” Amy wrote on her Instagram Story.

She’s asking anyone who sees the ads to DM her the link so she can pass it on to her legal team. As IF anyone would dare take Amy Huberman’s name in vain. The cheek!


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