An Extensive Guide On What To Wear For Every Era of The Eras Tour

Presume you're heading along, yeah?

We are less than two weeks away from Taylor Swift coming to Ireland to bring her highly anticipated The Eras Tour to the Aviva Stadium. While securing those much-coveted tickets would have been a big stress, so is picking the perfect outfit.

Here at STELLAR, we want to make things easier for you, so here is a style guide to each of Taylor’s eras.

Taylor Swift Era

Taylor’s self-titled debut album came out back in 2006. At the time, she could be seen rocking flowy boho-style dresses, cowboy boots and tightly curled hair in a side part. 

PrettyLittleThing has a few good dress options, including this one, though a cute white or pale-coloured summer dress would be perfect. 

For cowboy boots, Stradivarius has plenty of choices. Cowboy boots are back on trend, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in a pair.


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Fearless Era

The Fearless era began in 2008 and arguably is the album that put Taylor on the map thanks to the success of You Belong With Me and Love Story.

She was still styling her hair in tight curls but her dresses featured gold and silver sequins and tassels. She still was a fan of boots, but more so below-the-knee height in either black, gold or silver.

This ASOS beige tassel dress is super fun. Boot-wise, cowboy boots would work well again or if you want to make a real statement, these H&M sequined boots will do the trick.


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Speak Now Era

Two years later, Taylor released Speak Now. Dark purple, lilac and tulle were the main denominators in her style. She started using a dark lip shade to match the purple aesthetic. She was also wearing her hair in looser curls.

ASOS has this affordable lilac tiered tulle dress, or if you are more willing to splurge, check out this puff sleeve tulle maxi dress.


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Red Era

In 2012, Taylor entered her Red era. Both her music and style evolved greatly as she started dabbling more into pop and her outfits moved from flowy dresses to high-waisted black shorts, oversized tops, black hats and of course, her signature red lip.

If you’re leaning towards dressing for this era, you likely have a few necessary pieces in your wardrobe. If not, & Other Stories has some black shorts on sale currently that would work and also be ideal for the summer months.

If you want to dress up more, a red dress will be self-explanatory like this one from Starla Boutique.

Complete the look with a pop of bright red on your lips.


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1989 Era

Taylor took the pop world by storm with the release of 1989 in 2014 with hits like Shake It Off and Blank Space.

With this era, you have two choices. You can lean into the original version of the album, which saw Taylor constantly dressed in glitter galore, skater skirts and crop tops. Or you can go for the Taylor’s Version core, which is more coastal blues and white girly summer clothing.

For the newer version, root through your wardrobe for denim shorts or a simple blue or white dress, or take a look at this bustier dress from Starla Boutique. Pair that with white sunglasses and a red lip and you’re good to go.


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If you want to go back to 2014, Amazon has a few sequin skater skirts. You can find a plain cropped going-out top in your collection as well.

Don’t forget to straighten your hair too!


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Reputation Era

In 2017, Taylor entered her revenge era with Reputation. She was often seen wearing black and metallic clothes when she made her return from her public absence after the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian drama.

Again this is another era where you could probably pull something from your clothing collection. A black bodysuit like this one from Boohoo is a good choice. Complete the look with some black jeans or a skirt if the weather allows and some chunky black boots or trainers.

For dress options, Happy Days has this silver number that you can rent. 

You can also have some fun with accessories. These snake earrings from Pull & Bear are perfect for this era.

Dark lips and eye makeup are a must of course.


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Lover Era

A stark contrast from Reputation, 2019’s Lover was an era full of pastel pinks and blues, hearts and flowers. She continued to wear a red lip and added a bit more glitter to her outfits and make-up.

This pink chiffon skater dress from Boohoo is a nice option. Or there is this gorgeous denim option from Oh Polly that comes in blue and beige.

Finally, get the cowboy boots out and accessorise with some heart-shaped sunglasses.


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Folklore Era

In July 2020, Taylor released Folklore, the first of two albums she would release that year. This era was in touch with nature and neutral tones. Most of Taylor’s outfits were long flowy dresses and minimally styled hair. 

Outfit options from this era are perfect for her June concert dates. Next has this stunning white dress for €50. If you want a mini dress rather than a maxi, take a look at this piece from Stradivarius.

Once again, white or brown cowboy boots are a must along with some simple, natural make-up.


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Evermore Era

Just before Christmas 2020, Taylor released Evermore. The aesthetic was similar to Folklore but traded white dresses for forest green and featured Taylor wearing a lot of tartan.

It may not be the ideal era to dress for due to the June weather but here are a few options that can work. Urban Outfitters has an off-the-shoulder mini dress that won’t leave you sweating profusely while you dance and sing along. ASOS has this green mini-dress that would work well too.

To match the album cover, plait your hair in a French braid or leave it loose on your shoulders like she does on tour. An orangey-red lip is a nice touch to complete your makeup.


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Midnights Era

Two years ago, Midnights was released. To match the title, Taylor wore a lot of navy, black and dark purples and opted for heavier eye makeup. She also had slight nodes to the midnight sky with stars and shimmer. 

This cobalt mini dress from ASOS is a good option if you are struggling to find something to wear from your own wardrobe. Plus, it would be a perfect dress to wear clubbing too.

White boots and star accessories like these earrings from New Look will finish the look perfectly.


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The Tortured Poets Department Era

Finally, we have Taylor’s latest era, the newly released album The Tortured Poets Department. As it’s her newest album, many may choose not to dress for this era as they haven’t had as much time to sit with it, so opt for this style if you’re looking to be a bit more unique. 

The key to this style is black and white. Find a simple top or dress you already own and add some dainty bows of the opposite colour or check out this Urban Outfitters mini dress. If it’s a little chilly, put on a leather jacket. 

Shoe-wise, Taylor opts for heels, but that may not be very practical for a concert so some simple slip-ons or her trusty black boots will work too. 


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Finally, don’t forget to start making those friendship bracelets to exchange with those around you before you sing and dance the night away.

Words by Amélie Mahony