Are We Ready For The Comeback Of UGGs?

Time to prepare yourself, UGG boots are slowly creeping back into our fashion feeds.

Take this as your forewarning. The next time you see a photo of UGGs on your Instagram feed, there’s a high chance it’s not a throwback snap, so look at it carefully.

In recent months, UGGs have started to make a return to the fashion scene. At the height of their popularity in the mid 00s, UGGs saturated the market, with everyone from Britney Spears and a then, very young Kylie Jenner, to Beyoncé and even Oprah shouting about them – UGGs became the “it boot” for everyone.


Like many, I remember buying a pair of the mini UGGs in secondary school, too short and too broke to pull off the OG tall UGGs, I used to wear them with pride (sometimes with my school uniform, against the wishes of my principal), and again, like many, felt trendy, cool and in-the-fashion-know.

But then, around 2011, the anti-UGG movement started, with everyone sick of the once uber-popular boot, and so, the love and wear for UGGs started to diminish.

Fashion magazines that once promoted UGGs started to add them to the “not so hot” list, and naturally, we all started to question what attraction we saw in them in the first place. Yes, they were comfy AF, but not pleasing or flattering to look at.

However, we then entered 2017, Balenciaga launched the Triple S trainer, and “ugly” runners and boots began to dominate the fashion scene again. Still, with no sign of UGGs making a comeback (despite attempts – Jeremy Scott we are looking at you and your 2017 UGGs with FLAMES!), it looked like people weren’t ready for an UGG comeback.

But now, in 2020, the year of full whack unpredictability, UGGs have found their opportunity to slip back in amongst the noise… thinking we wouldn’t see them.

Oh, but we see them, just like Britney and Beyoncé making the UGG boot popular in the 00s, a new breed of fashionistas are setting trends by wearing UGGs again.


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YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, mom-to-be Emily Ratajkowski, and supermodels Joan Smalls and Irina Shayk have all been spotted in UGGs in the past month. And they’re not just wearing them around the house, they’re styling them with their outfits as they head out and about.

But the question is, are we ready for an UGG comeback? If we’ve given velour tracksuits, bulk clips, and Von Dutch a second chance, it seems pretty fair that UGGs also get some redemption, right?


If you think about it, with our updated taste in fashion since the mid-00s, there’s a strong chance we could make UGGs look good again, it’s just questioning whether or not we want to jump on this fashion bandwagon.