Argh! This Make-Up Trend Is Causing People’s Eyebrows To Fall Off

Do this at your own risk.

Womans eyebrow

We spend a lot of time getting our eyebrows just so. Whether it’s heading to the salon on the reg to get them threaded, filling them in or popping on some brow growth gel to fill out the sparse bits, we like to make sure our face-framers are looking their absolute best.

So you can imagine we were pretty horrified to hear that a celeb-inspired make-up trend is actually causing people’s eyebrows to fall off in bits. Argh.

The glitter eyebrows trend, made popular by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, had one major setback. When removing the glitter things got seriously horrible.

According to tutorials, the best way to set the glitter is to use eyelash glue, but the glue was so hard to remove that many women took out clumps of their eyebrow hair along with it.

In an experiment by Buzzfeed, one beauty tester had to make a trip to A and E after trying to remove her glitter brows, while another resorted to using acetone to take hers off.

The Lesson? Um, don’t use glue on your eyebrows, unless you want to have a beauty disaster like these unfortunate gals…


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