ASOS Has Launched A New Tool Which Allows You To View Clothes On Different Body Types

We couldn't stan any harder

We’ve all been there, you’re trolling through a clothes site in search of the perfect outfit for an upcoming occasion. You narrow down a few contenders but find it impossible to come to a decision “Yes, but how will it look on ME?!”, you scream at the 6’1′ perfectly tanned, perfectly toned, model.

Well, that very scenario may be about the change, as ASOS has just become the first retailer in Europe to trial a new Augmented Reality tool, allowing customers to view clothes on a number of different body types.

Working alongside Idraeli AR company Zeekit, the aim of ‘See My Fit’ is to more accurately show how an outfit looks on models who reflect individuals customer’s body types.

While the See My Fit button isn’t yet available for every item on the site, the option is currently being trialed with 800 selected dresses, and should it be a success we can only assume that the button will become more widely available.

At the moment, the feature offers a view of 16 various models wearing the same dress ranging from a UK size 4 to 18, with height ranging from 5’1′ to 5’9′.

Speaking about the new feature Asos said:

“Recognising the diversity of our customers is important to us, so we’ve taken images of models of different sizes and digitally imposed products on them to display how the same product could look on different body types.”

However, the brand has stated that the images are altered and not actually photographed, so the fit shown in each image isn’t exactly 100% accurate.

“The result is achieved digitally, so the fit won’t be exact”

Still, it’s a step in the right direction none the less.

Kudos Asos.


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