ASOS Made An Embarrassing Typo On 17,000 Bags, But They’re Rolling With It

Discover fashion onilne, guys!

ASOS is our go-to for any occasion. It’s the hub of all things fashion, but even the major international retailer can make a mistake.

ASOS has admitted to making a slight mishap on their plastic packaging… a typo.

The fashion giant printed 17,000 plastic bags with a typo that reads ‘Discover Fashion Onilne’ rather that ‘Online’.

They owned up to the mistake on Twitter saying:

Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition.

Like with everything limited edition, people are hoping to get their hands on the fashion faux pas.

Fashion blogger Nirina Plunkett replied to the tweet: “Now I really wanna complete my order just to get my hands on one of these!”

The retailer was also praised for owning up to the mistake and for not binning the bags. One Twitter user said: “Better a limited edition than throwing it away!”

ASOS said it uses 40 million plastic mailing bags and five million cardboard boxes every year, and they are all recyclable. So make sure you do!


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