Basically Every Irish Celebrity Is Wearing The Same Sparkly Zara Dress

It's €70 if you fancy it too. Twinsies!

Every so often, an item from Zara completely takes over Instagram. We’ve seen it in the past with That Coat, and this weekend, it happened with this dress.

It’s €69.95 and fairly stunning, but you’d want to watch out – because it’s already been spotted on not one, not two, but four Irish celebs.

Here’s Glenda Gilson in it at the final of Ireland’s Got Talent:

Dancing With The Stars’ Erin McGregor and the show’s stylist Clementine McNeice both turned up in the gúna at the final party last night (morto):

And Amy Huberman modelled it on her Instagram Story on Saturday.

The dress is currently out of stock online, but you might be able to sniff one out in store – just hide it in the wardrobe for a little while before you decide to wear it, OK? There are bound to be plenty of doppelgängers going around in the same sparkly dress over the next few weeks…


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