19 Things You Didn’t Know About Jojo Moyes

The romance novelist spills her deepest, darkest secrets.

I’d always order an almond milk latte, I love the bee friendly milks.

My last book, The Giver Of Stars is my favourite book I’ve written. It just flowed out of me, not all books work like that and I never got tired of writing it. I think in terms of scale and subject matter, it’s my best book.

My favourite city is London, I grew up there and lived there until I was 31. I used to know all the bus routes it took to get around London off by heart! Despite problems it may have, it’s still the most stylish and vibrant and interesting of places.

My most treasured possessions are my two rescue dogs, my cat, my bull terrier, my horse and my two rescue ponies. It’s a lot, but they’ve gotten me through the last 18 months in a way that I don’t think any other single thing has!

My style icon would be Calamity Jane, I like practical things. I spend most of my life in jeans and work shirts and boots.

The character I’d be most like from The Last Letter From Your Lover is Anthony as he’s romantic but world weary.

My favourite cocktail is a Caipirinha. I’d never had one before but I went to Brazil and had a passionfruit caipirinha there and I’ve never forgotten the extraordinary taste of it.

Three people I’d love to have at a dinner party would be Amelia Earhart, because she was fascinating, the degree she strode out on her own. Then Marian Keyes (I ADORE her, we’ve snuck off to shoe shops together in the past! She is the funniest, smartest, kindest person in the stratosphere) and Gregory Peck. Just so I can stare at him longingly the entire meal.

If I wasn’t an author, I think I’d be a psychologist. It’s very hard to be a writer and not be interested in the fundamentals of human nature, what makes us tick, what makes us make the mistakes we make again and again, and I’m fascinated by the process and change that therapy can have on your life.

One mantra I’d always live by is ‘nothing is set in stone’.

My childhood nickname was mojo, there were these sweets called Mojos and because I was Jojo they named me after them.

My death row meal would be a salmon poke salad, I never get bored of eating that stuff.

My best holiday was to Mauritius, I went scuba diving for the first time there and it left me with a passion for being underwater which I’d never had before. The food is amazing too!

My first part time job was working as a cleaner, I was 14.

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes serum is always in my handbag, I don’t know what witchcraft goes into that thing but its totally changed my skin like you wouldn’t believe!

My favourite colour is black, I’m quite lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I like a uniform, I have no real passion for clothes.

My signature scent is Molecules, the first version.

My lucky number is 4, not really any rhyme or reason to it, I just like the number.

My favourite season is Autumn. I love the scents, the mists in the morning, I’m always walking the dogs very early in the morning so I love that mist hanging over the countryside. The smell of decaying earth and wooden fires… Bring it on!

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