Adam Collard Opens Up About Game Playing On Love Island

"They realised I didn’t care about anything."

Adam Collard / Instagram, 

Adam Collard famously returned to Love Island for a second time as a bombshell in 2022 and coupled up with Paige Thorne, who he dated outside of the show for a short time before cheating allegations arose and the pair split soon after.

Now, Adam is speaking out about his time on Love Island and seeing through contestants on the show.

During an interview with MailOnline, Adam said, “The thing with Love Island is I’m the only one who is willing to admit it, I would completely choose the right person to stay on the show. That’s why I got back on the show in my eyes, they realised I didn’t care about anything.

“We all know the game. It was really hard for me the second time because I could see through everything, it is unbelievable how clear it is the second time.”

Oop don’t be shy Adam let us know who was playing games…

He continued, “It messes with your head, you almost convince yourself you like these people and then once you see the light and get back home you realise you aren’t a perfect match.”

Adam also mentioned that followers are a huge part of the lure to go on the show, admitting that if the producers told him that accounts would be dormant, like this year’s contestants were, he doesn’t know if he would have said yes the second time.

“You are getting a few followers, if you have a business like me it’s going to help amplify that and that put you in a better situation and there’s going to be loads of really good opportunities afterwards.

“So yes, everyone comes on and says I am here to find love and that, yes you kind of are and obviously that is unreal but nobody is daft.”

We wonder if the show will keep their social media policy for this summer’s series, and if that will change people’s minds about going on the show…