Binky Felstead Opens Up About Feeling ‘Exhausted’ and ‘Guilty’ After Baby Number Three

"I'm starting to feel guilty I'm not being my best self for the other two."

Pic via Binky Felstead Instagram

Former Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has opened up on Instagram about life with a newborn and how she is feeling three weeks after giving birth.

Binky welcomed her second son, and third child, named Wilder three weeks ago and now, she is being very honest about motherhood, mom guilt, as well as what has been helpful during this time.

She recalled that someone told her week three is the hardest, and admitted she is feeling it.


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“I’m exhausted, feeling like I’m getting sick and still bleeding. Wilder was up every hour or so last night and today refusing to be put down for long & he’s hungry ALL the time and I’m starting to feel guilty I’m not being my best self for the other two.

“I’m defiantly overcompensating by trying to do everything still with them & making sure they can’t tell the difference, but I feel like today it’s starting to bite me in the arse! I’m going to listen to my body & try to remember to be kind to myself. He’s only been in the world for two days over two weeks!” she wrote on Instagram stories.


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The star’s community of followers were quick to lend their support, Binky thanked them for their quick responses and added, “God hormones are out of CONTROL and they say it takes a village hey and how lucky am I to have you all xxx thank you.”

One thing that she has found to work for her is a soother, admitting her first son didn’t have one, but that her daughter India did (although she found it a “nightmare to get rid of”) she has found that for Wilder it is a “game changer”.

“Needs must right now for this little guy…I’m picking my battles,” she said.

Announcing the birth of her son two weeks ago she wrote,” 15.04.23 ✨10:45pm! 🤪 Couldn’t be happier he’s just perfect 😍 We now have three musketeers.”


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Binky kept his name on the down low until recently, posting a picture with her three children this week with the caption, “INDIA • WOLFIE • WILDER … I’m a very lucky mummy 💫 💫💫.”

Congratulations to the family!