Cole Sprouse Opens Up About His Split From Lili Reinhart

This is the first time he has gone into detail about the split.

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Cole Sprouse has finally commented on his split from Lili Reinhart.

The pair dated for three years, before surprisingly calling it all off in March 2020. Fans were quick to comment and were demanding answers from the pair who originally met on the Netflix series Riverdale. On the show they played the onscreen couple Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones.

In a new interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper, Cole is seen talking about their tricky breakup and trying to balance their onscreen characters and their private situations while on set.


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“Oh, it was really hard,” he said of the split. “It was really hard for both of us, and that’s ok.” He explained that working together meant they didn’t have the space they needed after the breakup.

Cole also admitted that he and Lili both played a part in the breakdown of the relationship, saying it was “mutual” befire admitting he “left” when Alex pressed on who pulled the trigger for the end of the romance.

“I know we both did quite a bit of damage to each other. We’re good friends now – which is awesome – we work really well together now, but I think that was exactly where we both needed to be,” he said.


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Speaking about how they leaned on each other when they needed to, he said, “We were in a foreign city, working a very intense schedule – 14 hours a day, often times 6 days a week, alone, and we really leaned on each other while also going through the elected trauma of this incredible overnight success, a tonne of criticism, a tonne of expectation, and I think we did the best we could.”

Reinhart is yet to comment on this recent interview.


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